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Turning Your Home Into an Immaculate Haven

Enjoy Dust-Free Living and Working Spaces

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At Q & A Cleaning Services in Austin, Texas, we help you create a tidy and healthy environment for your family, friends, and colleagues. For us, it’s not just about sweeping the dust or getting rid of the clutter in your place. We want you to be able to relax and focus on what you do, whether you’re at home or in the office. If you need help tidying up your space, request our services now!

What We Do

The first technique we start out with working on your floor. Using our Bona mop with the microfiber pad removing all allergen, dust, hair (pet hair) and micro partials that sit on top of flooring and trapping the dirt and debris inside our Vacuum using 2 layers of allergen filtration.

Second, we use a microfiber towel removing all fingerprints from glass and mirrors, dust wooden surfaces, also cleaning all surfaces removing oil, grease, and grime.

Third, we brush the bottom of tubs and tile showers removing grime and oils.

Lastly, we wrap up the cleaning of the floor with Bona specialty care products and a mist of Myer's scent.

Service Prices

Search our service packages and find the best service that fits your need.

Residential Starting at


Tidy Up One Bedroom

Best for General Upkeep

Freshen Up (2 Bedroom)


Spic-N-Shine (3 Bedroom)


Dust Buster (4 Bedroom)


Mean Green (5 Bedroom)



Wood Floors Starting at


600-900 Square  Footage

Best Package Offer

900-1200 Square Footage


1200-1500 Square Footage



Add-On Starting at


Shutters (No-Mini Blinds)

Best for Busy Homes







Small Appliances 


Each additional bathrooms are extra


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For short-term housing rates, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Rates may vary.

To set a date for your cleaning, you can call our office at 512-669-1875. We offer a percentage off of regular weekly and bi-weekly services. All dates are subject to availability. We charge extra for same day cleaning as well as for cancellations. Our company also has the right to refuse any business without giving any explanation.

All pets should be placed away from service facilities. We will not provide service to any facility that has pets left unattended inside or has pet feces and urine. All utilities should be working in order for us to serve all clients. For any reason we detect a insect infestation ( bed bugs, lice etc.)we have to refuse service and would provide you a service that would better serve this matter.

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Get Your Property Cleaned

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